10 games canceled mid-development that would’ve been great

Whether it’s because there aren’t enough resources to fulfill developers’ huge ambitions or because they’re more interested in their other properties, developers canceling games are a surprisingly common occurrence. So many games that could have changed the industry have been thrown away.

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Not only that, but the games that got canceled were often long-awaited sequels to beloved games. And other times, it was projects with potentially revolutionary stealth mechanics. Between several canned Rockstar projects, sequel to indie darlings, and a much-requested Portal As a result, there is so much wasted potential lying around on hard drives.


Bully 2

bully card size 2

Rock stars Bully was often considered a PG version of Grand Theft Auto, as the players controlled Jimmy, who enrolled in private school Bullworth Academy and roamed the campus and surrounding town. However, it is much more than a RGT clone, as the unique and spooky town of Bullworth was so detailed, and even the seasons changed as players progressed through the game.

There have been so many swirling rumors about a Bully continuation, whether it is the composer returning to the score Bully 2 or that there had been casting calls as recent as 2018. And the first game has a big enough fan base that it is successful too, but as a developer, Rockstar has gotten so busy with it. GTA V and his In line counterpart, a Bully the sequel has just ceased to be a priority.

Getting up: contents under pressure 2

Marc Ecko hanging on the side of the building

Getting up: content under pressure was a fascinating third person adventure game with an amazing niche concept. He followed an amateur graffiti artist who rose through the ranks of artists. The game was not as popular as the annual as Call of Duty, but it still had enough success to get a green-lit sequel.

In 2013, fans got excited when Unlimited Ecko tweeted that he was currently developing a sequel. But since that was nine years ago at this point, it’s safe to say the follow-up has been dropped. A sequel would have been great to see as the game does a great job of world building, as everything is based around the Orwellian town of New Radius, and graffiti was used as a means of protesting the tyrannical dictatorship of the mayor of the city. .

TimeSplitters 4

TimeSplitters New Free Game Radical Deep Silver

The cancellation of TimeSplitters 4 is the one that still hurts most fans. There was such a strong TimeSplitters fanbase, because they managed to get three games in the series, and each game in a row has strengthened the tradition and abilities of time travel. Not only that, but the series was also very ironic and satirical, and it looked like Time separators 4 was going to run with that too. According to Radar games, in 2008, teasers were sent of the iconic TimeSplitters parodying monkey Halo and Weaponry of war.

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It’s even more disappointing for fans because there have been so many other hints that a sequel could be coming. However, after the disappointment of Free Radical Mist and the promoter then going bankrupt, any hope of TimeSplitters 4 was finished. And the leaked concept art of the game’s locations in 2018, as reported by EuroGamer, only rubbed salt into the wounds.

We are the mods

The Warriors brawl in The Warriors

Bully 2 isn’t the only game Rockstar threw by the wayside mid-development to focus on their precious Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. Just like Bully 2, We are the mods was a planned sequel, or at least a spiritual sequel, to The Warriors. The Warriors is a prequel to the ’70s film of the same name, which follows different warring gangs in New York City, and it’s one of many great Rockstar games that have been forgotten.

After the modest success of the game, according to Kotaku, the spiritual sequel would be based in 1960s Britain during the Wars between the Mods and the Rockers. The development of the sequel was kept so secret that no one even knew it existed until it was scrapped.

Split / second 2

Race car drives along highway narrowly avoiding explosion

Fractional / second is one of the most creative racing games to release on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as each track takes place in a dystopian city full of destruction, most of which can be caused by gamers. Each race is part of a reality TV show, taking place effectively as Squid gamebecause players risk their lives to win.

At the very end of career mode, it is revealed that the reality show had not aired the entire time, followed by mysterious construction vehicles destroying the city. He then cut out the words, “to be continued…” As the sequel was in development, it seems fans will never know what really happened. According to EuroGamer, developer Black Rock Studio was downsized by Disney, and it just wasn’t possible to continue making the sequel due to lack of resources.


Agent Rockstar 2021 is still out

Being yet another canceled Rockstar game, this appears to be one of the more original, as Agent set in the 1970s and set against the backdrop of the Cold War. The game would be particularly refreshing to see now, as there hasn’t been an original Rockstar game since. The black in 2011. Unfortunately, the game was canceled for unknown reasons.

But apparently most of the ideas and concepts in the game weren’t abandoned but used to Grand Theft Auto V. It’s likely that gamers have already played through these concepts in the famous 2013 game. However, it also makes fans wonder how many more video games dropped. GTA V absorbed, because there are probably concepts of Bully 2 and We are the mods in there too.

Fes 2

Players play through a level in Fez

Unlike many other canceled games, Fez was not an AAA outing, but an independent project for two. Despite the low budget, the game turned out to be a smash hit due to being revolutionary in puzzle platform gameplay.

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Fans wanted nothing more than a sequel to the indie hit, and it was even announced at the end of the Horizon 2013 press conference. However, in a very public breakdown, according to Polygon, Phil Fish, the creator of Fez, argued several industry members on Twitter. He then quickly announced the cancellation of the sequel and its existence in the video game industry.

Batman: Arkham 5

batman glider arkham knight

With Batman being so oversaturated by the minute, because there will even be three different on-screen portrayals of the character in 2022 alone, it’s so hard to do anything groundbreaking with the property. However, Rocksteady did just that with the Arkham series of video games. The games were a mixture of the dark and gritty tone of the Black Knight trilogy and the eccentricity of Batman: The Animated Series.

Although Knight of arkham perfectly completed the series, a sequel known as Sabbath Project was under construction. Many have speculated that this would have been Arkham’s response to God of the war and that it would have featured a much darker Bruce Wayne. But in the end, the game was boxed and fans will probably never know why.

Gate 3

No game has left players more blown away and confused along with Gate 2. And being in the same universe as the Half life series, there are so many important parts in the sci-fi story that are shrouded in mystery. With the two series linked by the mysterious icebreaker Borealis, which was used as a research vessel and had disappeared decades before, Gate 3 could have given fans the answer to what was inside.

While the Borealis is just one of the many ways that Valve could continue the story, it doesn’t look like it will ever happen. There was a Portal prequel in development, but it was canceled because Valve wanted to revert to software development. What is more frustrating is that the fairly recent release Half-life: Alyx intentionally answers none of these questions.

Sleeping dogs 2

Sleeping dog fight

When it comes to Grand Theft Auto clones, the mid-2000s were full of them, and not a month went by without an open-world sandbox action game. One of the best was Sleeping dogs, and he can hardly be called a clone, as he had enough original ideas to be self-sufficient, such as martial arts mechanics and parkour gameplay. In 2013, a sequel was in development, and it sounded incredibly ambitious.

According to Vice media, the game would have allowed players to shut down any NPCs in the huge open world, but the project was scrapped as it was about to go into production. It wasn’t just a canceled sequel, but also a canceled spin-off, because, according to GameSpot, Triad wars was intended to be a massively multiplayer online game.

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