10 Wordle alternatives and derivative games

(Pocket-lint) – Wordle is everywhere. The online game made the rounds on social media – even before the New York Times Games bought it. Admit it: you can’t check Twitter or Facebook without seeing those green, yellow, and black (or gray) blocks sprinkled all over your feed. It was only a matter of time before other puzzles based on the original started to appear. In fact, as far as we know, there are more than 10 games like Wordle. But that just means that while you’re waiting for the next Wordle to drop, you can feed your word game addiction by playing some of the many fun Wordle alternatives.

Best Wordle Alternatives and Spinoffs

To be clear, the word games below are not complete scams or clones of Wordle. They’re like Wordle, of course, but they each have a twist. For example, imagine a version of Wordle where all the words to guess are NSFW. Guess what? It exists. It’s called Lewdle. If you want to play that and other games like Wordle, here’s our pick of the best Wordle alternatives – or, spinoffs, if you will.



It’s Wordle with a battle royale.

This new twist on the Wordle format relates to another major gaming trend of recent years: Battle Royale.

Squabble puts you against other players. You’ll have to enter your guesses quickly, and you still only have six attempts to find the correct five-letter word. Players have life points that slowly deplete, and you’ll lose some for bad guesses. Get a straight letter to recover life points and hurt other players. Once all your life points are exhausted or you have no more guesses, you are out of the game.

There are two modes. Blitz is for between two and five players, while Squabble Royale towers have between six and 99 competitors. Games continue until one player remains. Another interesting aspect is that you can create a lobby and invite friends to a private match. There’s also a replay mode, so you can see everyone’s guesses in real time.

You can play Squabble in any web browser.

obsceneGames like Wordle: Wordle Alternatives similar to the original word game photo 1


Imagine Wordle but with only big words.

This game looks like Wordle and uses the same format and color blocks. But there’s one that makes it different: Lewdle has a content notice that warns that you’re likely to be offended by its use of profanity, vulgarity, or obscenity. It also says “go play Wordle instead!” if it is you. With Lewdle, you get one puzzle a day, and the words range from light to completely unsafe for the job.

You can play Lewdle on any web browser.

CrosswordGames like Wordle: Wordle alternatives similar to the original word game 2 photo


Wordle in a crossword format.

In this Wordle-like game, you have to guess two intersecting words like a crossword game. It features black/grey, yellow and green colored blocks, and there is one puzzle per day. But you can guess as many times as you want – until you win or quit. You can also create your own Crosswordle puzzle to share with friends, which none of the other Wordle alternatives offer.

You can play Crosswordle on any web browser.

WorldGames like Wordle: Wordle Alternatives similar to the original word game photo 11


Wordle, but you guess places in the world.

This Wordle spin-off is all about geography. You get six tries to guess which country or territory is displayed. But, for clues, instead of displaying black/grey, yellow, and green blocks, you see distance, direction, and closeness percentage. So if you guess Ukraine, Worldle might show you 55 kilometers and an arrow pointing northwest with 34%. This means that the correct country or territory is 55 km northwest of Ukraine and there is a proximity rate of 34%. There is only one puzzle per day and there are options to make the game harder.

You can play Worldle on any web browser.

master of wordsGames like Wordle: Wordle alternatives similar to the original word game photo 3

master of words

A remake with unlimited games.

OK, this is the closest to a Wordle clone you can get on our list. It’s a remake that still gives you six tries to guess a five-letter word – but it offers unlimited games so you don’t have to wait 24 hours.

You can play Word Master on any web browser.

Hello WordlGames like Wordle: Wordle alternatives similar to the original word game photo 13

Hello Wordl

What if you could guess 11-letter words?

Hello Wordl is another Wordle remake that has you guessing a word and uses the same colorful blocks. It even has unlimited games like Word Master. But what makes Hello Wordl unique is that it also lets you change the number of letters in the word you’re guessing. Go from a four-letter word to an 11-letter word. No matter how long the word is, however, you only have six chances to guess it.

You can play Hello Wordl on any web browser.

AbsurdGames like Wordle: Wordle alternatives similar to the original word game photo 5


It is a contradictory version of Wordle.

This Wordle spin-off is for serious word game lovers. This is because he is actively trying to avoid giving you the answer. It doesn’t choose a word at the start of the game for you to guess and instead uses your guesses to whittle down its word list. The last word might not even have a yellow letter from one of your previous guesses. But, hey, you can guess as many times as you want.

Apparently the best score you can get is four guesses.

You can play Absurdle on any web browser.

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The Lord of the RingsGames like Wordle: Wordle alternatives similar to the original word game photo 6

The Lord of the Rings

Wordle using only words from the LOTR text.

Are you a Tolkien fan? This is the spin-off for you. You have six tries to guess a five-letter word from the Lord of the Rings text. Places like Rohan and characters like Frodo or even are all safe bets.

You can play Lord of the Rings on any web browser.

PrimelGames like Wordle: Wordle alternatives similar to the original word game photo 7


Wordle, but with prime numbers.

In this Wordle-like game, you get six tries to guess a five-digit prime number – using only prime numbers. Gray, yellow, and green colored blocks are all there, and you only get one puzzle per day.

You can play Primel on any web browser.

NerdleGames like Wordle: Wordle alternatives similar to the original word game photo 8


Wordle, with math and stuff.

Think Primel, but for true math nerds. With Nerdle, you have six chances to guess an equation and a solution. After each guess, numbers or symbols in the correct place are green, numbers or symbols in the wrong place in the equation are purple, and numbers or symbols not in the equation are black. Once you have completed a puzzle, you must wait 8 hours before the next one.

Tip: The “=” sign is still in the puzzle.

You can play Nerdle on any web browser.

Want to know more about Wordle?

Check out Pocket-lint’s in-depth guide below to Wordle to learn more about the game, who made it and, perhaps most importantly, how to play it. (It’s actually very easy).

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