5 Best PS5 Zombie Games You Should Play (2022 Edition)

Everyone loves a good zombie. They’re the foundation for many iconic franchises, and while they’ve been more than a little overexposed in the public eye over the past twenty years, they’re still as popular as a monster. This morbid ailment continues on the ninth generation of video game consoles with the best PS5 zombie games offering gamers plenty.

What constitutes a zombie game is a bit difficult to figure out, however. Should zombies themselves traditionally be undead, already dead and brought back to life? Or should something like Resident Evil Village’s Moroaica allow the game to make the cut, even if they don’t quite meet all the criteria? And what about DOOM Eternal, which certainly at zombies but really couldn’t be called an outright zombie game?

These are the meaty questions we tried to answer as we weighed the best PS5 zombie games. In the end, we’ve tried to be as strict as possible with what constitutes an outright zombie game, so if you’ve got a PlayStation 5 and crave a biting mix up, give it a go. ‘eye.

The best PS5 zombie games

5. Outbreak

Epidemic game

Developer: Dead Drop Studios
Editor: Dead Drop Studios

While there is a specific game on the PlayStation Store called Outbreak, this entry refers to the somewhat confusing series as a whole. While each game tries something different (including perspective and genre), they have a basic level of quality that makes them all very common.

Inspired by classic Resident Evil games, Outbreak is a survival horror franchise with enough rough edges to sand down a tree, though that hasn’t stopped it picking up fans. The games are not explained too well and what is easy to learn just isn’t much fun to play, with the one-person development team trying to do too much with too little.

Those hoping for a return to the classic Resi style might find awkward charm with the Outbreak games, especially The New Nightmare, although for everyone there are certainly better zombie games on the PlayStation 5.

4. Cards of the dead

The cards of the dead
The cards of the dead

Developer: Boom Games
Editor: JanduSoft

How did zombies stay relevant so badly? With many twists and turns on the formula over many years. Cards of the Dead takes pieces from the excellent Death Road to Canada and combines it with card games for a usual cocktail that always goes smoothly.

You play as Rick, Selena, and Dan as they search for a cure for the infection that quickly turns them into one of the living dead. As everyone knows, the best way to prevent this from happening is to play a card shooter – that’s what Romero was doing all these years.

This is not a deck builder as all cards are single use, but there is a lot of fun in the addicting loop of finding cards to help you progress while running against the clock. The main thing that goes against Cards of the Dead is that it pulls absolutely no punches in difficulty, with much of your progress depending entirely on RNG.

If you can overcome some frustration, it might be fun.

3. Persistence: improved editing


Developer: Firesprite
Editor: Firesprite

A unique PSVR exclusive that was updated to play outside of VR, then released on other platforms before being updated and re-released on the all-new PS5, The Persistence is nothing if not nothing. is a fascinating game.

Playing like a clone doomed to repeat the same spell unless you can escape a spaceship filled with zombie abominations, The Persistence’s mix of roguelite and survival horror is a winning formula that admittedly still has a few flaws. .

While a bit clunky in some of its systems and inherently repetitive, Firesprite’s oft-overlooked gameplay offers a lot of tension to go along with its gorgeous next-gen visuals and satisfying loop of slowly restoring the ship, death after death.

If you want to play Returnal in the first person with a slow-mo tempo, try this one.

2. Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood
Back 4 Blood

Developer: Turtle Rock
Editor: BM games

It would be impossible to discuss the best PS5 zombie games without including the spiritual successor to two of the most beloved zombie games ever made. Back 4 Blood might not be the Left 4 Dead 3 fans have been waiting for for years, but it’s as close as it gets.

Taking the basics of the world of Left 4 Dead and making it a little more “growing”, Back 4 Blood presents a world invaded by the Ridden, zombies who have more warts than warthogs frequent Hogwarts. While it can be played solo, Back 4 Blood really excels as a co-op shooter where players have to work together to prioritize the target and channel the zombies down the lanes.

While overall slightly characterless (especially compared to Left 4 Dead’s iconic cast) and its action feeling somewhat basic, Back 4 Blood’s card system gives it a lot of depth to keep you coming back. It’s not Left 4 Dead 3, but it’s definitely one of the best team-based co-op shooters and the best multiplayer zombie game on PS5 to boot.

1. The last fight: the consequences

The consequences of the last fight
The consequences of the last fight

Developer: Crooks games
Editor: Armor game studios

One of the most surprisingly addicting games on PS5, The Last Stand: Aftermath is a roguelite in which you make us progress a lot through a ruined world as much as possible while slowly succumbing to the zombie infection that made it. ruin. The twist? Each time you mutate, you unlock a twisted new ability that can make or break your run.

The Last Stand: Aftermath is the latest in a beloved zombie franchise that also marks its biggest departure yet, although the bet paid off. Whether you’re desperately trying to grab some supplies to continue your rocky ride or making the most of the ammo you have available as the hordes draw closer, it’s a thrilling business.

Of course, since this is a roguelite with fairly straightforward storytelling, The Last Stand: Aftermath suffers from some repetition, especially since races can get unusually long. While your final hours with the game might tire you a bit, the main hook remains solid throughout, with The Last Stand: Aftermath even making good use of the PS5’s DualSense features to really raise the stakes as each pull of the trigger. feels like a major decision to be made.

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