Laura J. Bell

10 scariest Xbox games | ScreenRant

After spending most of the ’90s out of the game, America once again became a major contender in the console war with the launch of the original Xbox in 2001. Even though it was the first gaming console to be released. Microsoft, the success of iconic titles such as Halo …

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Grand Theft Auto 3 changed video games forever

When it launched in the fall of 2001, Grand Theft Auto 3 single-handedly redefined an entire industry. Rockstar North’s tabloid crime epic wasn’t just a hit game that has sold millions of copies, it also invented a language for open-world gaming that resonates even in the sharpest examples. recent of …

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Product Photography, Part 11: Image Editing

Editing is a critical step in producing product photos that engage e-commerce buyers. If you fail to make what you are selling stand out, consumers likely won’t buy it. This is the 11th installment in my series on helping online merchants create better product images, following “Part 1: Choosing backgrounds”, …

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