Budget phone, but software is still a problem

Infinix has established itself as a budget driven smartphone maker in India and now it has released its latest series of Infinix Note 11 smartphones which comes with several upgrades like XOS 10, AMOLED display, new design, and more. things. The Infinix Note 11, priced at Rs 11,999 in India is the successor to the Infinix Note 10 and I have been using the smartphone for a few weeks, in order to tell readers what I think of the smartphone and how far the brand is to come in terms of the overall experience offered by Infinix smartphones. Let’s take a look:


As I said in my previous reviews, the design on Infinix smartphones is always the best part, and the Infinix Note 11 is no different. The smartphone features a flat-edged design and a matte gradient finish on the back panel – a nice change from the usual glossy fingerprint magnet back panels. I’m also a fan of the flat-edged designs as they are less likely to have accidental contact and give a more secure grip on the device. On the rear panel, the smartphone has a rectangular rear camera module that houses three lenses – a large one on top and two small lenses placed horizontally below the large lens.

The back panel of the Infinix Note 11 has a matte gradient finish. (Image credit: News18 / Darab Mansoor Ali)

Up front there is a teardrop style notch with a slight chin – a secure design that will appeal to most users. It’s also super light, so it’s great. One design flaw, at least on the unit we received, is that you have to press the power button lightly hard to unlock the smartphone, if fingerprint unlock isn’t enabled.

One design flaw, at least on the unit we received, is that you have to press the power button lightly hard to unlock the smartphone, if fingerprint unlock isn’t enabled. (Image credit: News18 / Darab Mansoor Ali)


The display is one of the biggest changes, as marketed by the company. However, in reality, the difference between this AMOLED panel and the previous LCD screen is not huge. Yes, the color and detail is sharper and sharper thanks to the AMOLED panel, but it’s not something you’d notice as much as a high refresh rate display, which doesn’t exist on the Infinix Note 11. is not a bad display. It’s good for watching all kinds of content and games, and the animations are smooth and decent. The AMOLED panel resolves previous issues I’ve encountered with Infinix displays, such as pixelation where it shouldn’t be and less vivid colors. It’s a good screen overall.

The Infinix Note 11 has a 6.7-inch FHD + AMOLED display. (Image credit: News18 / Darab Mansoor Ali)


In terms of performance, the Infinix Note 11 comes with a MediaTek Helio G88 processor, paired with 4 GB of RAM. The smartphone’s processor is good enough for your daily use and gaming sessions, and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s when you do something that takes a little more, like editing an Instagram Reel, that the Infinix Note 11 struggles. But then again, we’ve seen flagship smartphones with Snapdragon 888 SoC and 12GB of RAM struggle with the Reel Edition, so that’s not a big deal. The smartphone never heated up during my use and there were no screen freezes or ghost touches during my brief stint with the Infinix Note 11.

Infinix Note 11 comes with a MediaTek Helio G88 processor, paired with 4 GB of RAM. (Image credit: News18 / Darab Mansoor Ali)

This is the software where the smartphone really struggles. The notification panel and quick settings menu are different – swiping the notification bar from the left brings up notifications, while swiping down from the right opens quick settings. It almost always made me guess before opening notifications or quick settings. The software is chock full of bloatware apps and in the early days every swipe on the deck (swipe right from the home screen) or even the notifications panel asks for permissions, making the process unnecessarily cumbersome. In addition, the gestures are not precise. If you delay a side swipe to go back it will open the dock which will offer you apps and screenshot and other controls. Additionally, notifications can only be ignored by swiping right, swiping left the specific notification settings will open, which can help you turn off notifications and delete them as well. The latter here isn’t as confusing if you get used to the smartphone interface.

This is the software where the Infinix Note 11 really struggles. (Image credit: News18 / Darab Mansoor Ali)

However, there are some useful features like X Hide which allows users to hide their banking and financial apps, as well as X Clone which duplicates apps. Very useful if you have two phone numbers and use WhatsApp on both, eliminating the need to carry a secondary smartphone.

The smartphone’s battery is impressive. There is a 5,000mAh unit that during my use never ran out of power in under two days, averaging over 8 hours of screen time which is impressive. Now those time windows include heavy tasks like playing games, recording videos, or creating Instagram reels here and there. The 33W charge is also quite fast and charges the smartphone from zero to 100 in about an hour.

The Infinix Note 11 has a triple rear camera on the back. (Image credit: News18 / Darab Mansoor Ali)


The Infinix Note 11’s camera is just average, as you would expect from a budget smartphone. Outdoors in the sun, the Infinix Note 11 produces crisp, clear photos that look pretty good. Zooming in on these images will always pixelate the image. In a closed environment, the camera very clearly struggles to produce quality photos, especially in difficult images where there is a lot of color and areas of focus. As I’ve noticed with other Infinix smartphones, the portrait mode does a good job of distinguishing the subject and blurring the background quite appropriately, but it also comes with color and color. ‘inaccurate rasterization when zoomed in.

In a bright interior, the Infinix Note 11 produces decent photos, but they’re blurry as soon as the user zooms in. (Image credit: News18 / Darab Mansoor Ali)

In low light and still in night mode, I wouldn’t say it’s better than average, but it’s good enough for your basic social media posts. In terms of videos, the Infinix Note 11’s camera performs better, and the videos are crisp and fairly color-accurate, even when viewed on a larger screen.

In low light, the Infinix Note 11 camera struggles and produces rather blurry images. On the right you can see a normal photo, on the left a photo with night mode enabled. (Image credit: News18 / Darab Mansoor Ali)
In portrait mode, the AI ​​cuts the edges well, but the image quality remains the same. (Image credit: News18 / Darab Mansoor Ali)

The front camera is not up to par and there are times when the image it produces is slightly blurry. Also during video calls, the front camera gives a rather blurry picture.

In line with the overall smartphone experience, the camera app on Infinix smartphones sees no change and the interface is rather confusing. This is because normal camera mode, which is commonly referred to as “Photo” mode on other smartphones, shows “AI camera” and the controls are everywhere.

The Infinix Note 11 is a decent phone, but software experience remains an issue for the Transsion-owned brand. (Image credit: News18 / Darab Mansoor Ali)


The Infinix Note 11 is a good smartphone. It’s well designed, performs well, and has an average camera that’s good enough for your daily use and social media posting. The smartphone is a good budget option for mobile gamers because it has an AMOLED display with enough battery to easily last a few gaming sessions. With XOS 10, however, the overall user experience hasn’t improved much. Although the company has dealt with some of the issues in the past, it is still one of the more complicated and heavy Android skins, despite having original features and improved privacy. I felt a lot of the same frustration I had complained about with the previous XOS 7.6 and it’s not good. While the smartphone is most definitely an upgrade from its predecessor, not much has changed in terms of the overall user experience.

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