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Primal, the acclaimed and visceral adult animation from Genndy Tartakovsky, recently won an Emmy for Best Animated Series and has just raised our expectations for next season.

While the concrete details of the second cycle are not revealed, we have to settle for a few patchy updates – and recently Tartakovsky offered a new behind-the-scenes image that heralds the completion of the storyboard for the next chapters.

To verify:

In an interview with SyFy Wire, Tartakovsky said fans can expect quite a different cycle than before.

“The biggest challenge in Season 2 wasn’t being cliché,” he commented. “When you get into a genre like this, it’s easy to do what has already been done. And at first we ran into it and I hated it because it was so easy. And it was wrong. “

Enjoy watching:

He continues to:

“I deconstructed everything, then we totally reinvented season two. And because the storytelling was so successful in the first season, I decided to try more. I’m not talking avant-garde, but it’s relatively different in the way we tell stories… I’m really excited for that. I think it’s the best job I’ve done, because it’s different. It will be a different experience.

Remember that the production is broadcast by Warner Channel in Brazil.

Remember that the series is already renewed for the 2nd season and should return in 2021.

The series revolves around a caveman on the dawn of evolution and a dinosaur on the brink of extinction. United by tragedy, the couple develops an unexpected friendship that becomes the only way to survive in a primitive and violent world.

The animation was created and produced by Emmy winner Genndy Tartakovsky (“Samurai Jack”, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”).

Make sure you watch:

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Pierrot Le Fou floats in a new image from the Netflix series Sat, 30 Oct 2021 05:42:00 +0000

Netflix has shared a new image from its live Cowboy Bebop series, featuring killer clown Mad Pierrot from the episode “Pierrot Le Fou”.

A recently shared image from Netflix’s upcoming live-action Cowboy Bebop The series highlights one of the most bizarre villains from the original anime, who debuted in the episode “Pierrot Le Fou”.

Fans got their first glimpse of the live-action version of the overpowered killer clown Mad Pierrot as part of a series of preview images on Twitter. While the character retains her iconic Elizabethan-era top hat and ruffled collar, the Netflix series appears to have removed her round figure and umbrella, and added what appears to be makeup. Additionally, it looks like the theme park setting is returning for Spike’s climactic showdown with Mad Pierrot, as the top of an apparent merry-go-round and the last letters of a neon sign can be spotted in the back- plan.

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Mad Pierrot is a clone that has been subjected to medical experiments allowing him to gain superhuman strength and speed as well as the ability to fly and summon a force shield. However, the procedure also caused her psyche to regress and her mental health to deteriorate, eventually forcing her to slaughter anyone responsible for her traumatic past. However, when Spike hinders his revenge, Mad Pierrot proves to be one of the bounty hunter’s most formidable enemies to date, despite his childish temper.

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“Pierrot Le Fou”, the twelfth episode of the original anime, is often remembered by fans as one of the few episodes that deviates from the regular neo-noir genre of the series, and becomes something closer horror. The episode is also full of references and various inspirations, such as sharing its title with a 1965 film by legendary French New Wave filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard. In addition, Mad Pierrot’s outfits and manners seem to be inspired by several Batman villains like The Penguin and The Joker. The amusement park finale seems straight out The murderous joke graphic novel, with Bebop ‘the production company Sunrise having even worked on the years 1992 Batman the animated series.

Netflix Live Action Cowboy Bebop adaptation stars John Cho, Mustafa Shakir and Daniella Pineda play motley bounty hunters Spike Spiegel, Jet Black and Faye Valentine respectively. Other images from the upcoming series have also surfaced, including several stills that appear to be from the “Asteroid Blues” episode in addition to a handful of others featuring Spike, Jet, Faye and their adorable companion Corgi. , Ein.

Cowboy Bebop will stream exclusively on Netflix from November 19.

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Source: Twitter

Guardians of the multiverse of What if ...?  Season 1 finale

What if Marvel characters could come back outside of the animated series

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Product Photography, Part 11: Image Editing Tue, 26 Oct 2021 20:44:32 +0000

Editing is a critical step in producing product photos that engage e-commerce buyers. If you fail to make what you are selling stand out, consumers likely won’t buy it.

This is the 11th installment in my series on helping online merchants create better product images, following “Part 1: Choosing backgrounds”, “Part 2: Selecting tripods” , “Part 3: Basic principles of artificial lighting”, “Part 4: Angles and points of view. “,” Part 5: Choosing a camera “,” Part 6: Selecting a lens “,” Part 7: Magnification and close-ups “,” Part 8: Essentials of composition “,” Part 9: Advanced Composition ”and“ Part 10: Lines as Design Elements.

In this and the following articles, I’ll cover post-production topics. I’ll cover the editing process, explaining how to use desktop and mobile software to create high converting product images.

Desktop applications

Capture a is a desktop editing program for Windows and macOS. I have never used it, but it is the first choice among many professional photographers. The software comes with extensive editing features for studios. It has a steep learning curve, which probably means there are better options for most DIY merchants. The license starts at $ 294.00.

Capture One is the first choice among many professional product photographers, but it has a steep learning curve. Source:

Adobe photoshop is a desktop editing program you’ve probably heard of. It’s an incredible tool in the hands of a skilled editor. For example, the Spot Healing feature can quickly remove unusual lighting reflections in an image. The Clone Stamp tool can hide a label or minor damage to a product that you didn’t notice before shooting.

But it has drawbacks.

You will probably spend a lot of time learning the program if you are unfamiliar with it. Like Capture One, the curve is steep. If you only need to edit a few images, a more user-friendly program might be a better option. I recommend Photoshop if you are experienced and have the time to tweak every detail of your image, especially now that Adobe has moved to a subscription model starting at $ 239.88 per year.

Screenshot of Photoshop software features

Adobe Photoshop is an amazing tool in the hands of a skilled editor. Source: Adobe.

Adobe Lightroom Classic is cloud-based, cross-platform editing software for iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows 10. It is arguably the best desktop editing suite for most product photography needs. Lightroom features are mostly free to use without a subscription. It also has a user-friendly interface with tools and cursor-based presets to ensure consistency across all your images. Lightroom is a great option for beginners. You can start an online project using your mobile device or on a desktop computer, and all changes will automatically update on all your devices.

Lightroom offers cool features, such as connection sharing, healing, and cloning tools; non-destructive editing; and almost universal file conversion. Additionally, Lightroom’s popularity among photographers means that there is an abundance of how-to guides and plugins for all skill levels. The starting price ranges from $ 9.99 to $ 19.99 per month.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile is a primarily free app for iOS and Android devices that provides access to all the features and functionality of Lightroom Classic, but with the ease of use of touch controls. Lightroom Mobile sells thousands of presets for consistent editing in an easy, one-click way.

Mobile app

You don’t need an Adobe Creative Cloud membership or a semi-professional editing program to create stunning product images. Modern mobile apps can facilitate all editing needs. Here are three of my favorites.

VSCO is for shooting and editing images from a mobile device. Available for iOS and Android, VSCO costs around 19.99 per year. It’s worth it for a mobile camera that can take photos in RAW file format and control ISO (light), shutter speed, and white balance. In addition, the editing tool is ideal for working with color, light and contrast.

I use VSCO when working on the color of an image. The app comes with many great presets. It is a good alternative to traditional desktop editing software.

VSCO home page.

VSCO is a good alternative to traditional desktop editing software. Source: VSCO.

Snapseed is a free mobile photo editing application developed by Google for iOS and Android. The app has plenty of pro-level tools, ranging from adjusting an image’s white balance to changing its perspective and correcting blemishes. I use Snapseed to adjust the lighting in a specific part of an image and to add an extra area to a photo I post online.

Screenshot of Snapseed on a mobile phone screen from

Snapseed, a free mobile photo editing app developed by Google, has many pro-level tools. Source:

Touch Touch Up is an inexpensive application for quickly retouching quality images. It is available for iOS and Android. TouchRetouch can remove objects and lines from images and has a quick repair tool that works wonders. It’s my go-to solution for cleaning up blemishes. It only costs $ 2.79.

TouchRetouch image of a mobile screen from

TouchRetouch can remove objects and lines from images and has a quick repair tool. Source:

Consistency is the key

Clean, level and good looking product photos are essential. But also consistency. All images on an ecommerce site must go together. Create a formula with presets for programs like Lightroom, or find a filter on VSCO, to get a consistent look across all photos. It is consistency that makes your site and its products attractive and appealing to buyers.

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5 Stunning Online Image Editors To Make Photoshop Effects Without Photoshop Tue, 26 Oct 2021 08:30:00 +0000

From removing backgrounds and objects from photos to turning small images into poster-sized prints, these online image editors are simpler than Photoshop and completely free.

Adobe Photoshop might be the best photo editing software out there, but it’s complicated and expensive for newbies. But the effects it produces are easily reproducible via other photo editors using AI. The ones we’re talking about here are browser-based apps that run on desktop or mobile and don’t include any hidden costs. So who needs Photoshop, right?

1. (Web): Free AI to remove backgrounds from photos is a free background removal tool for images with no hidden charges

You don’t need Photoshop or fancy skills to remove background objects from a photo. A recent surge in machine learning has made this chore free, with several online and mobile apps offering it as a service. But the catch is often that you have to queue or pay money to download high resolution deleted images in the background. Unlike others, is fast and completely free.

Anyone can use the app without registering and upload images up to 5,000 x 5,000 pixels in PNG, JPEG, or WebP format. Trained on millions of photos, is extremely fast at removing the background from photos of people, animals or objects. AI predicts the “main” object; you can’t select what you want to delete which is the only limitation with this app. But hey, given that it’s free, what can you complain about?

Ultimately, is best for 90% of the times you want to remove backgrounds from images. If you want more control, there are other apps that make a picture background transparent on your phone or online, but these are often paid for or will take more skill.

2. Photos. Cleaning (Web): AI to remove objects and flaws from images

Cleanup Pictures is an almost magical tool for removing unwanted objects or flaws from images, such as photobombs

While removes the entire background, sometimes you only want to remove one object from a photo. Whether it’s a photo bomber or some unwanted item that you overlooked while shooting, is the easiest way to remove objects and flaws from pictures.

Upload your photo to the free online app and using your mouse highlight the unwanted object. You can adjust the brush size to be more precise. Click, hold and draw to highlight. Once you release the mouse click, will take a few seconds and remove the highlighted part.

It’s almost magical the first time you see it. uses LaMa, an open source application from Samsung’s AI lab, to automatically and precisely redraw that part of the image. It’s kind of like using the Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop, except it all happens automatically and you don’t need Photoshop either.

3. High-end Photos (Web): Increase image resolution and quality and compress size

Upscale Pics transforms small images into poster-sized images while removing noise and compression size

There are three obstacles that you often encounter with a digital image. You need to increase its megapixel count, but that means it will look pixelated. You need to fine tune its quality and reduce noise in JPEG. Or you want to compress file size due to megabyte limitations. Upscale.Pics does all of this for free.

Scaling uses AI to take a small image, develop it into a large image (up to 64 megapixels), and fill in “smart pixels” to make it look good. The quality of this artificial fill depends on the scaling of the image. Nevertheless, this is one of the best results we have seen among the apps to magnify a digital photo. You can also reduce noise and compress the image in the same process on a single photo.

Upscale.Pics’ basic no-registration tool allows any user to edit up to five images with the above features. But really, it’s practically unlimited since if you open the site in an incognito window, it resets your quota.

4. Blur-Photo (Web): blur part of the photos, with an exact selection

Blur Photos lets you blur any part of an image with precise selection

When you share an image online, it is recommended that you hide any sensitive information to protect your privacy (or someone else’s). Blur-Photo only does this job, but it does the job well for novices.

The app can be a bit tricky to figure out the first time you use it. Once you’ve uploaded an image, move the blur slider to indicate how blurry you want it to be and let the app apply the filter. Don’t worry, it’s not final.

Now click anywhere on the image to assign a point. Then click anywhere else for your second point, creating a line between these two. A third point creates a triangle, a fourth a rectangle, and so on. This allows you to crop and select precisely the part of the image you want to blur or the area you want to keep clear.

If your selection is wrong at any point, click “Reset Selection” to restart. Blur-Photo lets you choose between blur inside or outside the selection. And once you’re done, download the full-size image for free.

PixelHunter crops the best part of any image and resizes it in different proportions to fit social media uploads

There are many apps to resize an image to dimensions suitable for different social media models. PixelHunter differentiates itself from the rest by adding AI that recognizes essential objects in a photo and crops them while resizing them.

Upload any image to the site and choose the social networks you want to crop and resize. Options include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Open Graph, and Email. There are also sub-categories, like profile photo, image post, and cover photos on Facebook. You can upload any size individually or download all images as a Zip file.

In our testing, PixelHunter did a pretty decent job, but not a perfect one. About 80% of the images were usable as is, while a few appeared to have been poorly cropped. However, if you upload an image with the main object right in the center, the usability of the images goes up to 100%. No matter how you look at it, PixelHunter saves a lot of time and effort when resizing images for different social media.

What about built-in photo editors?

These online image editing apps use a little AI to make your life easier. But if you can’t sign in, you can use the built-in photo editors that came with your operating system, like Paint on Windows and Photos on macOS.

These two apps allow you to perform many effects mentioned in the above apps. It might not be the same quality or speed, but in many cases speed is getting used to an application. We tend to overlook built-in apps and take them for granted, but Paint and Photos offer features you might not have explored.

Robot and human hands
7 ways AI is transforming photography and video

It is more and more common to see AI tools present in photo and video editing software.

Read more

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Need help setting up a bootable cloned image of my C drive to another hard drive Sat, 02 Oct 2021 03:05:00 +0000


You are already on the right track using something like Backblaze to protect your personal data, however, if you did not already image your entire system drive, you would be faced with reinstalling all of your apps in the disaster, as you just found out.

I’m not familiar with Backblaze and its capabilities, or how much storage space you have in the cloud, but that said, here’s what I would recommend.

Clone your system drive to another secondary drive, then physically delete and store the cloned drive separately from your computer. This is your safest option, because if your computer were to be hit by a severe power surge or some type of destructive malware like Ransomware then every drive and partition connected to your system could potentially be destroyed.

From experience I suggest Without macrium reflections as the ideal cloning software. I found it to be very reliable and easy to use. Another popular cloning solution is Clonezilla. Either will achieve your goal and protect your system in a way that will facilitate recovery from any disaster.

In case of cloning on a deleted drive, system recovery would be as easy as removing the failed system drive and replacing it with the cloned drive. No BIOS configuration or modification is necessary. Follow that up by restoring any files lost since the clone was created using your existing Backblaze solution and you’re done.

To just protect yourself against drive failure rather than malware, you can do what you’ve already thought about, but I would stress the importance of having a cloned image or drive somewhere outside of your. system for full protection for the reasons I have already stated. Your stated plan (cloning to a partition) would be ideal as a secondary measure, so if destruction of malicious software were to occur, there would be no chance that your integrated security would be affected. In short, the more backups, the better.

Does it help?

Sincerely, André

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Harry Styles thinks you shouldn’t text him either Mon, 27 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Love is a battleground. We sang the popular Pat Benatar song long before we knew it was true. We may have attributed the statement to Jenna Rink in * this * 13 In progress 30 scene, but it was wisdom beyond our years, no matter where we learned it.

Years later, Jordin Sparks reminded us of the same thing. “Don’t try to explain what you’re thinking,” she crooned. She knew what was going on here. “One minute it’s love, and suddenly it’s like a battlefield.” However, she never intended to start a war.

Navigating the murky world of romantic pursuits is tricky business for anyone these days. Try to do it on your own, without the help of close friends, family, and favorite singers, and you may fall at the first hurdle. We’ve all sent a screenshot of a seemingly offhand comment in the group chat for a second opinion. If you haven’t tried to dissect the meaning of every emoji, GIF, and grammatical choice, then you are either lying or much better than me when it comes to modern dating.

That said, if there’s one person whose opinion we * (read, * I) value above all others, it’s Harry Styles. Clearly not the only one to ask me “what would Harry Styles do?” regularly, a fan recently got a response straight from the horse’s mouth.

Currently traveling across the United States as part of his show Love on Tour, the singer’s last concert saw him stop in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Welcoming 18,000 fans inside the Xcel Energy Center for the concert, Harry spotted a fan panel that caught his eye. “Should I text him?” He asked. Asking the audience first, they responded quickly and it was a unanimous “no” at all levels.

Considering what he would do in such a situation, Harry then gave his own thoughtful answer. “In my opinion, if you were to [text him], so it’s not even a question, ”he began. “If we’re like, ‘Should I text him? Shouldn’t I text him? I can’t text him too soon. Now we’re thinking of double texting, and that’s a whole different risky business. Now he’s rejected it, so technically he’s the last one to do something “… It’s a whole,” he continued.

“My personal opinion is that if there is games, garbage, garbage, garbage, not for you.” Microphone. Publication date.

Delighting the crowd with his insight, the sage advice of the former One Directioner also gave the film a subtle nod. Notebook – of which we can only assume that he is a fan. Citing a scene from the cult romantic drama, Harry referred to a line Ms Hamilton said to her daughter Allie when she argued about her relationship with Noah Calhoun. Telling him first that Noah is “a nice boy,” Allie’s mother quickly drops the facade and admits her true opinion of him, saying that he is “garbage, garbage, garbage. Not for you.”

Allie might not necessarily have listened to what her parents had to say, but Harry Styles’ disapproval is another thing … what he says is fine and if he tells you not to text him, you absolutely listen.

A clip of the interaction, uploaded after the concert ended, has since gone viral and, unsurprisingly, the internet is very supportive of his approach. In fact, one fan found out it wasn’t the first time it had been referenced. Notebook before either.

Harry Styles, Notebook and some pretty specific dating tips; the trifecta.

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Ben Affleck stars in the first picture of George Clooney’s The Tender Bar Wed, 22 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Ben Affleck stars in George Clooney’s The Tender Bar with Tye Sheridan, Christopher Lloyd and Lily Rabe in a first frame from the film.

The first image of Ben Affleck and Tye Sheridan in George Clooney’s adaptation of The tender bar is out. The tender bar is a memoir written by JR Moehringer, which traces his journey to manhood by finding father figures at a local bar to help or hinder his growth over the years. George Clooney is directing the film, which stars Ben Affleck, Tye Sheridan, Christopher Lloyd and Lily Rabe. The adaptation is scripted by The deadis William Monahan.

Clooney, who started his career as an actor, has focused in recent years on more work behind the camera, as well as in front of it. The actor / director recently worked on the Socket-22 miniseries for Hulu, and directed the sci-fi tale Midnight sky for Netflix. Affleck has also balanced his career in front and behind the camera, most recently starring in The last duel for Ridley Scott and the next Deep waters for Adrian Lyne. Affleck is currently preparing the true story of WWII Phantom army, which he will direct and play.

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The tender bar was filmed in Beverly, Massachusetts, and ended in April 2021. Tye Sheridan plays the lead character, based on the author, who struggles to find father figures in his life, turning to his uncle Charlie ( Ben Affleck) and his local bar to find what he lacks in his life: namely, the advice often provided by a father. Lily Rabe plays Sheridan’s mother, who tries to help her son find better opportunities and get out of his own father’s house, played by Christopher Lloyd. Amazon Studios today released the first image of the film, along with release details. Take a look at the picture below:

The tender bar will be released in New York and Los Angeles on December 17 and air nationwide on December 22, before heading to Amazon Prime on January 7, 2022. The film is 104 minutes long and also stars Max Martini, Max Casella, Sondra James and Briana Middleton. The tender bar will take place over multiple time frames, as it follows Tye Sheridan’s character growth, Moehringer, from childhood to adulthood.

As Affleck continues to branch out into big budget dishes such as the upcoming Flash, where he will return as Batman, the actor also continues to dip his toe in smaller dishes like The tender bar, which allows him to perform in both arenas. Sheridan has grown his career in the same way, starting with more modest rates like Mud, before jumping into the role of Cyclops for the X Men franchise. Clooney is also no stranger to doing double duty on big and small fares, but luckily he’s able to navigate more intimate projects, such as The tender bar, which makes it seem like the type of content audiences are receiving less and less as spectacle films have taken center stage. Here is hoping that The tender bar is a memorable and poignant entry into the drama category for all involved.

Next: Where’s Ben Affleck’s Batman When The Flash Begins?

Source: Amazon Prime

How Army of Thieves changes Army of the Dead’s time loop theory

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The unforgivable image reveals Sandra Bullock in Netflix remake of British thriller Wed, 22 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Netflix has released a first look at its new drama thriller, The unforgivable, who seems to take the star Sandra bullock to all new levels never seen before.

Based on the British miniseries unforgiven, the film, also with Vincent D’Onofrio and Jon bernthal, follows Bullock as a woman recently released from prison, facing the world refusing to forgive her for the crimes she committed.

In a tight turn from his glamorous ex-convict role in 8 from the oceanBullock’s Ruth Slater didn’t go to jail for theft, but rather for a violent (but undisclosed) crime, something no one wants to ignore. With nowhere to go, Ruth is forced to find redemption from her estranged younger sister, whom she has been forced to leave behind when things go wrong.


Image via Netflix

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The first look always sees Bullock as one would expect an ex-con to look – seedy hair, pale cheeks, no makeup. She looks at herself in the mirror, a mirror in an unsavory place, contemplating what one can only assume to be her future and how she will navigate it with the weight of her past on her back.

“There are several people whose life [Ruth] affected by this crime she committed, ”said Bullock Weekly entertainment, “And there’s a lot of hate, anger, bitterness and heartache associated with her release. She wants to find this person, the only family she had when she came in, and you keep asking yourself,” Why can’t you just let it go? This family member has been traumatized by your actions – let it go! Stop hurting these people again. ‘”

Also featuring Viola Davis, Richard thomas, Linda Émond, Aisling Franciosi, and Rob morgan, The unforgivable is led by Nora Fingscheidt, with a script of Pierre Craig, Hillary Seitz, and Courtenay miles. Bullock is producing the film alongside King Graham and Véronique Ferrès, which will arrive in select theaters on November 24, before premiering worldwide on Netflix on December 10.

KEEP READING: ‘The Lost City of D’ First Look Shows Sandra Bullock & Channing Tatum Splashing On Set

‘Clerk.’ Trailer follows Kevin Smith’s life and career in new documentary

Featuring interviews from Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Stan Lee, Richard Linklater, and more.

Read more

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Truepic raises $ 26 million to fight deepfakes and image fraud Mon, 20 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Truepic completed the second round of funding that enabled it to raise $ 26 million to fuel its growth and expand its photo and video verification system, which can be used to detect “deepfake” and “cheap” images, according to The San Diego Union Tribune.

The funding, led by Microsoft’s venture capital arm M12 – with participation from other companies such as Adobe, Sonny Innovation Fund, Hearst Ventures and Stone Point Capital – will help the camera tech startup, among others, to continue the development of a Software Development Kit (SDK) that would allow mobile developers to include its authentication system in their applications.

A beta version of the SDK is expected by the end of the year.

Company CEO Jeffrey McGregor also said Truepic’s efforts were aimed at countering the growing distrust generated in the authenticity of digital media due to the increasing trend of synthetic photos and videos, especially in the form of deepfakes.

Explaining how Truepic works, founder and chairman Craig Stack told the San Diego Union Tribune, “The moment the light hits the camera’s sensor, we can secure the capture operation, so that we know that the pixels, date, time and location are genuine. Then we seal this information in the file and can verify that what came out of the camera has not been changed.

“Truepic’s technology is essential in our ability to enable provenance of digital images, and their unique ability to capture secure media makes their platform unmatched in the market,” said Will Allen, vice president of products for Adobe . “We are delighted to support their efforts to tackle this important issue and are delighted to continue our work together to restore trust online,” the Tribune said quoting the executive.

A member of the Deepfake-fighting Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), Truepic says its technology is used by around 100 clients, including insurance companies, to verify the authenticity of photos of accident scenes.

The San Diego Union Tribune notes that prior to this funding round, Truepic had raised nearly $ 10 million to meet its growth goals.

Articles topics

authentication | biometrics | counterfeits | financing | investment | research and development | SDK | Truepic

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Nvidia ‘DLAA’ technology can improve picture quality in older games Mon, 20 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

One of the latest enhancements to Nvidia’s graphics cards has been its Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology, which increases the number of frames per second of a game, sometimes more than twice. Now Nvidia is reusing DLSS, this time to smooth out the picture quality on a 7-year-old PC game.

The system is called Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing (DLAA), and the company is currently testing it on Elder Scrolls Online, launched in 2014, but still in use today.

“A lot of gamers want higher frame rates. But others have a lot of FPS and instead want to maximize image quality, ”the GPU maker wrote in a comment. Publish Monday. “Nvidia DLAA (Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing) is a new AI-based anti-aliasing mode for users who have additional GPU leeway and want higher levels of image quality. “

This is because the latest Nvidia graphics card can already run many older PC games at over 120 fps without DLSS. Nonetheless, the developer of Elder Scrolls Online saw potential in the same technology to address a gameplay issue known as aliasing, where jagged “stair” lines will appear on 3D objects.

(Department of Computer Science, University of Utah)

For years, developers have used existing anti-aliasing techniques to smooth edges and achieve more realistic image quality. However, Nvidia’s DLAA technology promises to take anti-aliasing to another level.

“Nvidia DLAA really improves our game by delivering the best anti-aliasing results in Elder Scrolls Online that we have seen to date,” said Rich Lambert, creative director of game publisher, ZeniMax Online Studios.

The technology works by taking advantage of how Nvidia’s DLSS system uses AI algorithms to render a game to 1080p, then resizing the image to a higher resolution at 1440p or 4K. The result can create a higher FPS rate without sacrificing image quality much.

Recommended by our editors

DLAA, on the other hand, uses the same technology “but operates on a native resolution image to maximize image quality instead of improving performance,” Nvidia said.

“It’s not something that all games would need, but for ESO it made sense,” added Alex Tardif, lead graphics programmer ZeniMax Online Studios, in a commentary. Tweeter.

The only catch is that, just like Nvidia’s DLSS technology, DLAA can only be activated with an Nvidia RTX 2000 or 3000 series card. DLAA technology is currently available on test servers for Elder Scrolls Online.

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