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‘Clone Phone’ isn’t just OnePlus’ smartphone strategy, it’s the new name for the OnePlus Switch app

OnePlus’ OPPOfication continues (beyond simply releasing OPPO clones as its own devices). The latest indicator of this mix is ​​the OnePlus Switch app, which is used to configure devices when tr
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National Security did not clone #FixtheCountry official’s phone – Ministry of Information

Mr. Oliver Barker-Vormanor, animator of the #FixtheCountry campaign The Information Ministry has refuted allegations that the National Security Ministry cloned the phone of one of the organizers of th
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Handy Aermoo M1: A Clone Phone With Some Cool Features

The Aermoo M1 strangely resembles the rugged Doogee S60 smartphone. The case looks the same, the screws are in the same place, the fingerprint sensor, the camera, and the flash placement – all a
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