OnePlus’ OPPOfication continues (beyond simply releasing OPPO clones as its own devices). The latest indicator of this mix is ​​the OnePlus Switch app, which is used to configure devices when transitioning to a OnePlus phone. An update of the application renames it to “Clone Phone”, corresponding to the name of OPPO for its similar application.

The change is not yet available on the Play Store for us, but someone has submitted an updated version of the app to APK Mirror. The signature of the application, impossible to deceive, indicates that it is official and installs on top of the existing OnePlus Switch versions. We can confirm that once installed the app will appear under its new clone phone name in the app drawer and other listings.

Left: OnePlus switch. Law: Clone the phone

A handful of things in the app have also changed. Most of the visuals remain similar, but some of the workflows now have fewer steps, although the images and iconography are similar.

While I suspect a lot of the internal machinations are the same, OnePlus’ new Clone Phone app still has a different interface than the OPPO Clone Phone app.

OPPO clone phone
OPPO clone phone

We cannot guarantee its validity, but the following changelog is included in the OnePlus Clone Phone app release notes submitted to APK Mirror:

1. OnePlus Switch has been upgraded to Clone Phone with improved performance and functionality. Please make sure Phone Clone is installed and updated to the latest version on new and old devices.

2. Optimize device connection problems.

3. Bug fixes and general improvements.

To note:

If you can’t find [Backup and Restore] of [More] button on the homepage, please try this [Settings] > [Additional settings] > [Back up & reset] > Local backup]

The Play Store listing has yet to be edited to reflect these ratings, so we’re assuming that the update is in the very early stages of a limited rollout or is from another source like the ‘one of the company’s closed or open beta programs.

This follows last week’s announcement that OPPO and OnePlus are “integrating more.” Ostensibly, OnePlus will remain a separate brand and an independent entity under OPPO, but it sounds as companies are simply trying to minimize what would otherwise be called a “merger”, although they do not necessarily meet the strict financial definition of the term.

The Clone Phone app and its name change are certainly legitimate, but we’ve reached out to OnePlus for more information regarding the change, as well as any other information they may have regarding the transition.