Exciting January 2022 PS Plus Free Games Leak, Reveal Date

The PS Plus free games reveal date of January 2022 is still far away, but an exciting leak has emerged with some fantastic titles for PlayStation 4 and PS5.

It has been a good year for video games as we have received a lot of amazing new titles such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Deathloop, Ratchet and Clank Rift apart, Resident Evil Village, and many others. While 2021 has had its fair share of heavy hitters, next year is shaping up to be incredible as we will be inundated with behemoths such as Horizon forbidden to the west and Ancient ring from February.

But, ahead of the busy months of February and March, Sony will hopefully kick off the New Year with some amazing giveaways.

Horizon prohibited in the west | Pre-order announcement



Horizon prohibited in the west | Pre-order announcement






When will the free PS Plus games for January 2022 be announced?

The January 2022 PS Plus free games reveal and announcement date is expected to be December 29.

Sony is still announcing upcoming lineup in the final week before the Giveaways release. This usually happens on a Wednesday, so December 29th should be the reveal date as the giveaways will officially release on January 4th.

Until next year, you can still download the current December offers from Godfall, Lego DC Supervillains, and Deadly shell. the fall of god received a lot of controversy because it is all endgame content without a campaign, corn Lego DC Supervillains and particularly Deadly shell worth downloading.

In addition, if you have collected the Final Fantasy 7 remake for free in march, you can now download the PS5 upgrade at no additional cost.

PS Plus January 2022 leaks

Leak says January 2022 PS Plus free games are Dirt 5, Galactic Deep Rock, and Persona 5 attackers.

This comes from the courtesy of Deallabs which almost always accurately discloses offers before Sony. They are a generally reliable source, so there is a good chance that this information is correct.

Provided it is a precise find, it will be a fantastic start to the New Year as Dirt 5 is an excellent racing game while Persona 5 attackers is an excellent continuation of the story of the phantom thieves.

Galactic Deep Rock is also a very popular cooperative first-person shooter with overwhelmingly positive reviews on To smoke.


One of our predictions before the leak was Dirt 5 so we hope we are right.

We only guessed it for the PS5 title as next-gen games are running out and Sony has started resorting to launch titles like the fall of god. Our other prediction was Valley of stars because joined Xbox Game Pass in December but that seems completely wrong.

It’s still not official that the freebies are Dirt 5, Galactic Deep Rock, and Persona 5 attackers, but – if that’s true – that’s going to be the best monthly PlayStation Plus deal in quite a while.

In other news, Genshin Impact codes for December 2021 and the final set of the Prime Gaming pack

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