Getting Over It creator on overcoming clone games

Last month saw the release of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, an intentionally frustrating PC game about a man stuck in a jar climbing a mountain with only a hammer to help him. It had some success at first, and suddenly hammer-wielding jar men became very popular on mobile, where Foddy has yet to release his game.

The hammer-wielding pot-man audience will no longer be underserved.

Despite the rush of fast followers, Foddy seems to be taking the game’s imitators in stride, as he explained in a thread on Twitter.

“Thanks to everyone who told me about the Android game Hammerman,” Foddy said. “You can’t protect ideas (luckily), and they didn’t copy my code, my art, or my title. I appreciate that you all care about originality in games, and it sucks. ‘they copied the pot, but it’s not that big a deal.

“All of the creative support for video games has been predicated on borrowing and remixing design elements from the very beginning. Exempt. Pong borrows roughly from Odyssey ping-pong. Space Invaders borrows heavily from Namco’s Periscope . Doom borrows a lot from the 2D game Into The Eagle’s Nest. Minecraft borrows a lot from Infiniminate. You can go too far, of course, but the remix has been the engine of progress.

“The best thing we can do is keep the story of ideas alive and not act like successful games are 100% brand new ideas – they never are. Learn about lesser-known but influential games like Infinimin and Periscope, and the games that inspired them. “

Getting Over It itself was inspired by the free-to-play Sexy Hiking game, as Foddy explained to in a recent interview.

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