Gojek Clone App: Business Strategy for Growing Your Multi-Service Business

The Gojek app was in the spotlight when Google invested in it. It means the app has something to look for. Since Google invested in an app like Gojek, several companies have shown their willingness to develop a replica – Gojek Clone App.

Before we dive indirectly into the Gojek Clone app, let’s explore the Gojek app and its logic behind the development of such an app.

The logic behind Gojek’s development

After the advent of Uber, every business owner wanted to develop a taxi booking app. The market was full of Uber-like apps offering a wide range of transportation services to users.

What the on-demand market didn’t have, however, was an app with full-service offerings under one app. The founders of Gojek started with ridesharing services and eventually dove into on-demand delivery services such as handyman services, babysitters, food delivery, pharmacy, food delivery. grocery store, animal walkers, etc.

Finally, the application continued adding new services, adding up to 20+ services for citizens. These on-demand multiservices were intended to help people complete their tasks on time by booking them through the app in just a few exchanges. So, the main goal of providing multiple services under one app was to give people the convenience and comfort of booking their services without switching between apps.

The Gojek app has eliminated the need for different apps, saving a lot of storage space.

The users can avail of all the services at their convenience at an affordable price.

Business strategies for the growth of full-service businesses

Mobile apps have become mandatory for businesses to thrive. This is one of the important parameters that bring immense success to your business. People expect to have everything at their fingertips and offering an app like Gojek will lead to huge success.

If you are launching the Gojek Clone app, there is little to consider especially the trading strategies that give you visibility and quick profits.

Do detailed market research

Just launching the Gojek Clone app and expecting it to reap the benefits will not happen. There are already several apps similar to Gojek on the market. So, to beat the competition, you need to do a detailed study of the market, location as well as the target audience where you want to pitch. Knowing their preferences and choices will allow you to design the features accordingly. Plus, study your competitor’s apps to find out what makes them hit and where they’re missing.

This way, you will be able to gain clarity and implement the right features and functionality in your Gojek Clone app.

Implement the right services

Just because you’re replicating the Gojek app doesn’t mean you should get the exact same services. These services may not match your target audience. So your business strategies will only work if you have implemented the right services in your application.

For example, the place where you launch an app is a tourist spot. Therefore, getting a variety of restaurants, hotels, taxis on the go, as well as taxi rental services will be very beneficial. Look at the location and audience that will make the Gojek Clone app design easier.

Launch the Gojek Clone application based on new technologies

Building your app with current technology will attract users and lead to better reach. The application and the features it contains should be as simple as possible to avoid complexity. Technology is taking technology to the next level day after day, so businesses must depend on it. On-demand apps help take control of their business, from real-time monitoring to performance analysis and more, it can all be done in minutes. Manual entries can be shortened and save money.

Income trading strategies

The Gojek Clone app works on a commission basis.

This means that every time users order or hire a service provider, the app owner will earn a commission.

Gojek Clone app offers more than 70 different types of services which means that there will be continuous cash flow from the wide range of services. Moreover, you can generate income from various sources such as shipping cost, user subscription / membership fee, cancellation fee, 3rd banner ads, loyalty programs, etc.

All you need to do is purchase Gojek Clone Script from a reputable app development company. Make sure Gojek clone is white label so that you can make changes in the future without technical assistance. In addition, the application allows to grow and develop without spending extra money.

Gojek Clone New Features

  • Restricted passenger limits
  • Item name search
  • Face mask checks
  • Security checklists
  • Safety Assessments and Advisories
  • Trip cancellation
  • Voice instructions for delivery drivers
  • OTP check to start trip / tasks
  • Apply the toll cost manually
  • Calculate the tariff – 2 methods
  • 18+ Age confirmation
  • Delivery driver with helper to help
  • Commission wise store / restaurant
  • Separate time slots during the day
  • Delivery driver options for canceling orders
  • Graphical status of races / orders via in-app notifications

In conclusion

There are countless benefits to launching your Gojek Clone app.

It has already attracted several entrepreneurs, so you should not miss the opportunities. Still, there are plenty of places around the world where Gojek’s concept as the app hasn’t reached. Therefore, now is a good time to get started by partnering with a professional app development company that helps you get your app up and running in days at an affordable price.

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