Handy Aermoo M1: A Clone Phone With Some Cool Features

The Aermoo M1 strangely resembles the rugged Doogee S60 smartphone. The case looks the same, the screws are in the same place, the fingerprint sensor, the camera, and the flash placement – all are the same as the S60.

In fact, the only difference I can find is a notice engraved on the back of each phone stating that the Doogee is designed in Spain, while the Aermoo is designed in Germany. Essentially, the M1 is a rebadged S60.

The M1 phone is 164 x 81mm and 15.5mm thick, just like the S60. This phone also has an aluminum metal body and a polycarbonate bumper to protect the edges.

Like the S60, the M1 has a difficult SIM to insert. You must use the screwdriver provided to unscrew the two screws in order to insert your SIM or Micro SD card. It’s tedious work for big hands.

Aermoo says on its website that it is the “first” 5.2-inch rugged phone rated IP68 with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 224 ppi. Sorry Aermoo, I think the Doogee S60, which I reviewed in October 2017, came out before this one.

Inside the phone there is an octa-core Media Tek Helio P25 processor running up to 2.5 GHz, 6 GB of LPDDR4x RAM and 64 GB of RAM, and a Mali T880 900 MHz GPU. Like the S60, the M1 has a large 5580mAh battery that supports wireless charging.

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There is a 21MP 16: 9 camera on the back and an 8MP front camera. The picture quality is good and there are several camera features like burst mode, facial beauty, and panorama.

The camera has a nice smooth scrolling dial on the screen to change picture settings like candle light, sport, night portrait, landscape.

It has a push to talk button and an SOS button that calls a number after long pressing the SOS button. It will also send a preconfigured time stamped text message to your contact with location information.

Its IP68 rating means it is dust tight and can be submerged to a depth of 3m (10ft) in water for up to 30 minutes.

The M1 runs Android 7.0 – version dated October 26, 2017. The aftermarket software customization, “Know”, is the same as the other Doogee phones I’ve reviewed.

I like this version of Android 7 – especially the smart assistant. Answer a call by waving your hand at the top of the screen, change pictures or music, take screenshots by swiping three fingers up and down and swipe three fingers left to view recent apps.

One function – eyebrow mode – configures outdoor mode, sleep mode, night mode and adjusts the blue light filter. One-handed mode swipes the screen to one side to switch between apps.

Like the S60, the Slide menu displays a quadrant in each lower corner of the screen for quick access to tools, system apps, and recently used apps.

Other features include NFC, toolkit including sound level meter, compass, flashlight, spirit level, hanging and height measuring tool, pedometer, heart rate monitor, alarm, a magnifying glass, protractor, plumb line, and air pressure monitor.

I’m essentially reviewing a rebadged S60 phone – there’s no difference in the features – other than the price. Aermoo sells the phone for $ 379.99 and Amazon has the Doogee S60 phone listed at $ 349.99

I like the functionality of the M1. I like the one-handed operation with the jog wheel and I like the fingerprint sensor on the back of the device. If I was watching my spending, I would buy the cheaper S60 from Amazon – after all, the S60 and M1 are essentially the same device.


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