How Thymesia challenges the status quo of Souls-style games

It’s been seven months since the announcement of OverBorder Studio thymesis, a game that was immediately referred to as Souls-like with an elegant fight; As Transmitted by blood on PC. These definitions can help when it comes to categorizing games, but are not necessarily good for the games themselves due to what they might offer besides being a “clone” of another title. . This is the case with thymesis with Transmitted by blood and, more precisely, with the Dark souls series as a whole which spawned the Souls-like kind.

Comparisons aren’t always bad, and thymesis is not designed to be a complete revolution of the systems introduced by other classics Souls-love. In reality, Dark souls had a huge impact on the work of OverBorder Studio. That is why thymesis takes those similarities and turns them into something unique, changing the formula enough to pose the question of what it means to be a Souls-As. Game Rant spoke to OverBorder Studio about what makes thymesis stand out from the crowd of similar titles that came after the huge success of Dark souls.

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How Thymesia differs from Dark Souls and other soul-likes

One of OverBorder Studio’s biggest challenges working on thymesis was dictated by the developer who chose not to include an endurance bar. Micro-management of resources has always been one of the factors that Dark souls an inherently difficult game, as it adds an extra layer for players to watch out for. However, thymesis Not exhibiting stamina at all is a small development that doesn’t take away from the difficulty of the game, instead giving players more agency in their approach to combat.

“You can approach each enemy differently and wait to react to their attacks, or you can attack first, causing them to counterattack and opening them up for a parry. Corvus build can be customized to suit different styles of game or to prepare for enemies and bosses the player encounters. ”

Still, there are some special attacks that players can’t stop as they normally would, instead causing them to dodge or spend a feather attack to interrupt them. There is also no classic caster in thymesis, because the resource which is commonly referred to as mana is replaced by plague energy, which is used to manifest plague weapons. Regenerating this resource is not something that happens passively, instead players can harvest the energy of the plague when they hurt their opponents – although potions do exist and certain talents change how resources or actions work.

“There are also different talents, for example, you can chain together longer combos to deal more damage, regenerate feathers faster, use ranged projectiles that can interrupt enemies and keep them at bay, or even override your parry. by a defense buff so you don’t need to worry about timing. ”

Speaking of plague energy and plague weapons, these magical tools of destruction are something players temporarily unlock when defeating specific enemies, but they can also be permanently unlocked, according to OverBorder. This happens via checkpoints, which will likely work the same as Dark souls” Fires of joy ; a bit like how thymesis has a memory shard-based progression system, similar to how souls work in games from FromSoftware. Either way, these manifestations are what allow thymesis players to “switch weapons”, since the game does not offer a variety of inherent weapons to choose from.

Ultimately, thymesis is not designed to be as difficult as some classics Souls-likes, and OverBorder Studio wanted players to be able to complete the entire game with a level one naked character. This shows how the impact Dark souls and other Souls-I love during development, but also how games like this can differ from each other.

thymesis releases December 7th on PC.

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