MyEtherWallet Clone App Violates Apple App Store Verification Process

The enthusiasm for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has sparked a huge increase in popular interest in apps that allow individuals to buy or sell digital currencies. Something rare this week happened when an impostor app allegedly managed to evade Apple’s rigorous verification process to release an app claiming to be something it purportedly isn’t. Apple has historically set a high approval bar for app developers who want to sell their software on the world’s most popular App Store.

Widely discussed on tech news sites and Apple-focused blogs, such as 9to5Mac, MyEtherWallet has quickly become one of the top downloads in the financial apps industry. But the real MyEtherWallet was not very happy. And Apple, for some reason, took its time to remove the seemingly bogus app.

The impostor app is apparently the work of developer Nam Le. This person has other approved apps in the Apple Store, the most recent offering being Panda Warrior: Awesome Kung Fu. Maybe a game shell encryption app was a better option to generate revenue at $ 4.99 per download?

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