Need help setting up a bootable cloned image of my C drive to another hard drive


You are already on the right track using something like Backblaze to protect your personal data, however, if you did not already image your entire system drive, you would be faced with reinstalling all of your apps in the disaster, as you just found out.

I’m not familiar with Backblaze and its capabilities, or how much storage space you have in the cloud, but that said, here’s what I would recommend.

Clone your system drive to another secondary drive, then physically delete and store the cloned drive separately from your computer. This is your safest option, because if your computer were to be hit by a severe power surge or some type of destructive malware like Ransomware then every drive and partition connected to your system could potentially be destroyed.

From experience I suggest Without macrium reflections as the ideal cloning software. I found it to be very reliable and easy to use. Another popular cloning solution is Clonezilla. Either will achieve your goal and protect your system in a way that will facilitate recovery from any disaster.

In case of cloning on a deleted drive, system recovery would be as easy as removing the failed system drive and replacing it with the cloned drive. No BIOS configuration or modification is necessary. Follow that up by restoring any files lost since the clone was created using your existing Backblaze solution and you’re done.

To just protect yourself against drive failure rather than malware, you can do what you’ve already thought about, but I would stress the importance of having a cloned image or drive somewhere outside of your. system for full protection for the reasons I have already stated. Your stated plan (cloning to a partition) would be ideal as a secondary measure, so if destruction of malicious software were to occur, there would be no chance that your integrated security would be affected. In short, the more backups, the better.

Does it help?

Sincerely, André

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