PS Now: November 2021 games presented by Mafia: Definitive Edition

Sony has confirmed the list of games coming to PS Now in November 2021, with lineup highlighted by Mafia: Definitive Edition.

The November 2021 range of games for PS now understands the likes of Mafia: definitive edition, which launched a little over a year ago for consoles and PCs. Similar to countless other titles from the PlayStation 2 era, Mafia started life as Grand Theft Auto clone before finally becoming standalone with subsequent iterations.

A well-received story assured Mafia would be considered one of the most memorable open world experiences of the day. And developer Illusion Softworks, later renamed 2K Czech, had even bigger ambitions for the sequel, the 2010s. Mafia II. The development team did not return for Mafia III in 2016, with production tasks instead being handed over to its sister studio Hangar 13. But parent company Take-Two Interactive’s decision to integrate 2K Czech into Hangar 13 resulted in some of the Mafia the original crew members of the franchise playing an important role in making the review favorably Mafia: definitive edition. PS4 and PS5 users who haven’t tried the remake yet don’t need to wait any longer to explore the origins of a crowd classic.

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French gaming forum Dealabs has once again proven itself to be a trusted source when it comes to PlayStation-related leaks. As previously stated on the website, Mafia: definitive edition titles in the PS Now line of November 2021, which will be available tomorrow, November 2. The classic Mafia the title leaves the streaming service on Monday, February 28. Dealabs was also right to point out that Celestial would fulfill the latest offers of the service. A PlayStation Blog post confirms that Final Fantasy IX and Completely reliable delivery service are also among the latest additions.

Final Fantasy 9 Zidane Double Blades

In September, Square Enix promised to add a Final Fantasy game to PS Now once a month until January 2022. With Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII already on board, TO STARE was nothing if we weren’t expecting it. The addition of the beloved platformer 2018 Celestial will likely generate interest, given the acclaim that the delicious experience continues to receive across the board. Completely reliable delivery The serve seems to be the wildcard of the month, although there is still a lot of fun to play with a game about bad steed madness and ragdoll physics that sees them thrown back and forth.

The new PS Now titles mean Sony is dropping a few more. In fact, three titles are leaving the platform today, November 1 – NieR: Automata, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Streets of Rage 4. The latter entered service in May this year, Red dead 2 joined PS now in July, and NieR’s beloved installment entered the mix in August.

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Mafia: definitive edition is available now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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