Terrifying games that we still haven’t recovered from

When you walk on certain paths on the Internet, you might come across the SCP Foundation, a Creative Commons wiki about a fictitious organization trying to contain almost invincible Eldritch abominations, reality-distorting locations, and the occasional ensemble of sensitive lego blocks. So what happens when a bunker containing the most dangerous instances suffers a full-scale breakout, you ask? “SCP – Containment Breach“answers this question.

In “SCP – Containment Breach”, players must escape a facility in the midst of a massive titular containment breach. Most games would allow the audience to control a scientist or soldier, but “Containment Breach” pushes players into the orange jumpsuit of a lowly. Class-D. As a member of the foundation’s handpicked sacrificial guinea pig army from death row inmates, don’t expect guns or rescue in “Containment Breach.” Instead, expect existential terror and procedurally generated coins.

Since “SCP – Containment Breach” largely revolves around entities that can literally kill with a single touch, the tension arises from the simple act of survival. Players can only run away and each enemy acts differently. The main obstacle, SCP-173, only move (and break its neck) when players are not looking at it, so not only do players have to keep their eyes on 173, but they also have to maintain a blinking meter that is constantly blinking. When empty, the player character will blink whether they like it or not. Conversely, another enemy, SCP-096, is exactly the opposite; it is passive as long as the players not look at him, but once they see his face, it’s over.

The public has several options for dealing with the scares. They can play the original version or the Single version of “SCP – Containment Breach.” Neither is superior to the other and each offers a unique adventure.

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