The unforgivable image reveals Sandra Bullock in Netflix remake of British thriller

Netflix has released a first look at its new drama thriller, The unforgivable, who seems to take the star Sandra bullock to all new levels never seen before.

Based on the British miniseries unforgiven, the film, also with Vincent D’Onofrio and Jon bernthal, follows Bullock as a woman recently released from prison, facing the world refusing to forgive her for the crimes she committed.

In a tight turn from his glamorous ex-convict role in 8 from the oceanBullock’s Ruth Slater didn’t go to jail for theft, but rather for a violent (but undisclosed) crime, something no one wants to ignore. With nowhere to go, Ruth is forced to find redemption from her estranged younger sister, whom she has been forced to leave behind when things go wrong.


Image via Netflix

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The first look always sees Bullock as one would expect an ex-con to look – seedy hair, pale cheeks, no makeup. She looks at herself in the mirror, a mirror in an unsavory place, contemplating what one can only assume to be her future and how she will navigate it with the weight of her past on her back.

“There are several people whose life [Ruth] affected by this crime she committed, ”said Bullock Weekly entertainment, “And there’s a lot of hate, anger, bitterness and heartache associated with her release. She wants to find this person, the only family she had when she came in, and you keep asking yourself,” Why can’t you just let it go? This family member has been traumatized by your actions – let it go! Stop hurting these people again. ‘”

Also featuring Viola Davis, Richard thomas, Linda Émond, Aisling Franciosi, and Rob morgan, The unforgivable is led by Nora Fingscheidt, with a script of Pierre Craig, Hillary Seitz, and Courtenay miles. Bullock is producing the film alongside King Graham and Véronique Ferrès, which will arrive in select theaters on November 24, before premiering worldwide on Netflix on December 10.

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